Building Opportunities for Sustained Success Enrollment Checklist

  1. Complete an assessment with your Career Navigator and sign the completed assessment packet.
  2. Complete and sign the WIOA application with your Career Navigator.
  3. Schedule your  Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) sessions – one for the locator assessment and one for the actual TABE examination.
  4. Complete TABE locator.
  5. Complete your TABE examination.
  6. Meet with your Career Navigator to discuss and sign your customized Individual Opportunity Plan.
  7. If you need assistance with child care, complete and submit the Child Care Application.

What Next?

Reach outContact your assigned provider prior to your start date.

Stay in touch – Let your provider know if an excused absence from your assignment is to occur.

Keep us updated Did you get a new phone? Let your BOSS team know!

Stay Organized – Track your hours, collect relevant documentation, and make sure to submit all forms to the Summit County Department of Job and Family Services before the due date.

Plan ahead – Schedule your days appropriately to anticipate all of your child care, transportation, and time needs.

Ask for help – Your BOSS team is here to help!