On-the-Job Training Information




On-the-Job Training Fact Sheet

New employees, even those who have worked in your industry, often require training to learn about your specific processes and products. Depending upon the position, this training might last a few days, weeks, or months. For new hires who are eligible, we can help offset the cost of training through an On-the-Job Training (OJT) reimbursement program. Through a discussion with you, we’ll determine the reimbursement for each job. Maximum reimbursement is set at $6000 for a period up to six months. Eligible positions are required to pay a minimum of $10 per hour and $400 per week. Eligibility for job seekers varies based on the type of funding. Our experience has shown that the OJT works best when businesses identify the best talent for their position and company culture, and then proceed to see if the person is eligible for an OJT. Working backwards – essentially hiring from a group of OJT eligible candidates – results in poor retention rates. For more information, please contact using the business customer form.