Summer Youth Worksites

Recruitment for 2019 Summer Youth Employment Worksites is underway.

Register online by CLICKING HERE


Please note the following:

  • Youth workers will be aged 14 – 17 only (as of June 1, 2019)
  • Youth workers will be paid by a county-contracted payroll service to cover wages and Worker’s Compensation expenses
  • There will be no financial commitment or responsibility for any organization to bring youth workers onboard
  • Employment will begin June 10 and conclude August 2, 2019
  • Youth employees may work up to 15 hours weekly
  • They will also be required to attend 5 additional hours weekly in work-readiness courses
  • Employer responsibilities include providing a valuable work experience to youth, basic supervision of youth, and emailing or faxing time sheets at the conclusion of each two-week pay period
  • Worksite orientations will be held the week of June 3 – employers are strongly encourage to attend
  • Worksites may request reimbursement for basic tools, uniforms, and other items purchased for youth that are needed to do their jobs


Questions?  Call Zach Vierheller, Program Manager, at 330-630-6077