2018 Summer Youth Employment Program

Summer Youth:


Registration for the 2018 Summer Youth Employment Program begins April 2, 2018 at 8:00 a.m.

Parents / guardians must sign up for those under age 18 or age 18 & still in school.

The 2018 program is for 16-24 year olds that meet all eligibility requirements.

To register for Summer Youth Employment, CLICK HERE.



Wage Pathways:

An ongoing employment program for youth age 18-23


Beginning April 2, 2018, Summit County residents age 18-23 interested in a special new employment & incentive program called Wage Pathways should CLICK HERE

This requires beginning or continuing to work at least 30 hours weekly. Further screening / eligibility determination will follow for those that register.

For more detailed information, click this link: Download Informational Packet

***This program is separate from Summer Youth. It is designed to provide permanent employment which will last beyond the summer months***